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1. Online Workshop: "Opportunities, Risks and Side Effects: AfricanDigital Health Innovation during Covid 19" am Di 22. Juni 2021 von 14-15.30h

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Die Staatskanzlei NRW und das Eine-Welt-Netz NRW veranstalten am 22. Juni 2021 von 14.00 bis 15.30 Uhr einen virtuellen Workshop zum Thema Opportunities, Risks and Side Effects: African Digital Health Innovation during Covid 19”.
Geplant sind Beiträge von Dr. Mark Speich, Staatssekretär für Bundesangelegenheiten, Europa und Internationales NRW, und von Geraldine de Bastion, Expertin für Digitalisierung in Afrika, sowie Dr. Moderick Chibi, Mitarbeiter des WHO-Büros in Brazzaville, Kongo. Praktiker*innen werden aus den Sektoren Gesundheit und Digitales in Ghana, dem Partnerland von NRW, berichten.
Bitte merken Sie den Termin gerne vor, weitere Informationen folgen in Kürze.
Der Workshop findet in englischer Sprache statt.

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Online Event “Opportunities, Risks and Side Effects: African Digital Health Innovation during Covid 19”
On June 22nd, 14.00 to 15.30 hours, the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia and One-World-Network NRW will present a joint online event investigating the impact of digital tools on the African health sector.
Throughout the past year, a number of African countries fiercely promoted health Apps, Open Source Medical Supplies and E-Health measures. Particularly during the Covid pandemic, agile start-ups managed to create solutions “made in Africa” for the continent’s health problems.
Are mobile health solutions a promising market for African maker spaces? Digital innovation could be the key to provide basic services that can improve people’s lives. Spare medical parts, face shields and prosthetic devices manufactured by 3 D-printers in Ghana, Togo and Kenia are deployed in hospitals. Tunisia and Morocco quickly de-bureaucratized their health systems during the pandemic: The informal sector was included into the crisis assistance. Actors in the health system digitalised at high speed and set up networks. In some countries, apps were used to monitor curfews. However, digital solutions need to be affordable in order not to widen the digital divide.
This online event will take a closer look at digitalisation in the African health sector, with examples from North Rhine-Westphalia’s partner country Ghana, as well as other states.
We are looking forward to a welcome from Dr Mark Speich, State Secretary for Federal, European and International Affairs NRW, as well as contributions by Geraldine de Bastion, expert on digitalisation in Africa, and Dr Moderick Chibi, advisor of the WHO-office in Brazzaville, Kongo. There will also be inputs from Dr Bernhard Braune, German Federal Ministry for Economic Development, and Dr Laud Anthony Basing, biomedical engineer, microbiologist and founder of Incas Diagnostics, Ghana.
14.00 hours Introduction, technicalities Monika Hoegen, Journalist, Sebastian van Ledden, One World Network NRW
14.05  Welcome Monika Duelge, One World Network NRW
14.10 -14.15 Keynote Dr Mark Speich, State Secretary for Federal, European and International Affairs, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
14.15 -14.20  

Interview with Dr Moderick Chibi, WHO Regional Advisor, Brazzaville, Kongo and Consultant on Health Innovation (Q&A round, facilitated by Monika Hoegen)

14.30 -14.35 Interview with Geraldine de Bastion, filmmaker (“Digital Africa”) and founder of Global Innovation Gathering (GIG), a network of grassroots innovators, social entrepreneurs, managers of makerspaces, and innovation hubs. (Q&A round, facilitated by Monika Hoegen)
14.45 – 15.05 Combined Interview with Dr Laud Anthony Basing, biomedical scientist, Ghana, Jorge Appiah, CEO of Kumasi Hive, a Ghanaian innovation hub and makerspace and Dr Bernhard Braune, Head of Global Health Policies and Financing at German Federal Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ)
15.05 – 15.30 Open Discussion including input from all experts

The workshop is conducted in English via Zoom.

Please register via e-mail to mahina.karimova@eine-welt-netz-nrw.de

Mehr Info zur Veranstaltung (pdf) Invitation Digital Health Long FINAL.pdf